LM Bridge (LeClerq-Martinez Implant Bridge)

While there are implant options for removable dentures, most patients would prefer having the security and comfort of a fixed implant bridge. Traditionally, this option has been very expensive, not only when it is first made, but whenever a repair or remake is needed.  Our solution is the most popular amongst implantologists who have tried other options for their patients, and that is the LeClerq-Martinez implant bridge, which is a screw-retained implant framework, with individually cemented crowns.  This is a variation of the thimble crown framework that has been used by the most proficient implantologists around the world.

This technique was perfected by Dr. Phillipe LeClerq of Paris, France, and his head laboratory technician, Jean-Francois Martinez. This solution is the less costly to maintain should a crown chip or break, and will not require patients to wear an expensive temporary while a new crown is being made. In fact, almost any dentist can repair this bridge. Traditional implant bridges require the entire bridge to be removed and sent to the laboratory for repairs. This often requires an expensive temporary bridge be made during the repair, if the bridge can even be repaired. An added benefit is less tissue shrinkage. Since anywhere from 6-10 implants are used to support the LeClerq-Martinez bridge, bone and gum shrinkage are less likely to create a major esthetic problem later on.

Some dentists have suggested the approach where a bridge is screwed onto only 4 implants. What if one of those implants should fail?  What if one of the teeth chips or breaks?  What happens when the bone and gum shrink back dramatically over time? What do patients wear while their bridge is being repaired? The LeClerq-Martinez implant bridge answers all of these problems.

While this is usually the most expensive option available, we are happy to offer it to our patients at a fee that you probably won't find anywhere in the US. We are one of the only practices in the world offering the LeClerq-Martinez implant bridge pictured below. While this procedure from start to finish can cost over $50,000 for each arch, we offer this service for less than half this amount by streamlining the procedures and having an in-house implant laboratory. There is no other office in Chicagoland offering this advanced restoration for the prices we are able to offer to our patients. The LeClerq-Martinez bridge is the restoration of choice for durability, esthetics, repairability, and maximum comfort. Why fly to Europe and pay tens of thousands of dollars more than you have to?

Don't waste your time and money with other options that you may regret a few years down the road. Call us today for a free implant consultation to see if you are an appropriate candidate for this state of the art denture replacement!.

The pictures below are of two actual cases.  The first case was for a male patient who had experienced some bone loss on his upper jaw.  This necessitated the use of pink plastic to recreate the look of his gums.  The precious metal frame was screwed onto his healed implants.  Then, 12 porcelain crowns were then cemented onto the frame.  This frame is not a true LeClerq Martinez restoration, as it contains pink plastic.  It is referred to as a thimble crown frame, and it is currently used by several clinicians in the United States and around the world.

The second case was for a female patient who had not experienced bone loss.  This type of case would have been almost impossible using a traditional hybrid or four implant approach.  Here, a special precious metal frame was attached to her implants.  Then, 12 porcelain crowns were cemented onto the frame.  The esthetics were stunning.  This is a true LeClerq-Martinez frame, as it does not require the use of pink acrylic or porcelain.

Both patients will experience the benefits of a rigid frame connecting the implants, thus providing maximum longevity of all implants.  Also, they will have the least amount of wear and staining on their porcelain crowns.  Finally, if they should chip or break any of the crowns, then it would be replaced individually, without having to remove the entire bridge.  This is truly the best implant solution available today.

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Patient 1 - This is a picture of the implants after healing.


Patient 1 - The thimble crown frame tried into the mouth.


Patient 1 - Final crowns tried in and permanently cemented.  Notice how there is no plastic or metal towards the roof of the mouth.  This maximizes the space that the tongue has to move, and also, allows you enjoy proper sensation of your hot and cold foods and beverages.

TB Finished Angle.jpg

Patient 1 - This is how the crowns look off of the frame.  Remember, if you break one of these crowns, you can remove it and take a normal impression.  Any dentist should be able to do this, as well as, make you a temporary crown so you don't have to remove the entire restoration.


Patient 2 - Notice the discolored filling materials over this patient's existing restoration, which is made out of plastic materials over a metal frame.  It is a one piece restoration.


Patient 2 - This is the special LM frame that we make for our patients that do not have a lot of bone loss.  We are the only dental implant provider in the entire country who make and provide this amazing restoration for our patients.


Patient 2 - These are the final crowns permanently cemented.  Notice how perfect these teeth look!  They have the full contours of a natural tooth, without sacrificing strength and longevity.  Also, because this restoration doesn't encroach towards the roof of the mouth, this patient no longer has any gagging sensations and can speak just like she used to be able to!  By the way, she can now eat anything she wants without worrying about sore spots and broken teeth.


Patient 2 - We predict that within 5 years, most patients who have a full mouth non-removable restoration will license our technology.  Look at how real these teeth look.  A black background was chosen for this picture to highlight the translucency that is apparent with our technique.  Remember, we are the only dental implant provider who can give you this amazing restoration.  In addition, you will never find this solution for a lower price anywhere in the world!


Patient 2 - The patient's original implant restoration, which had to use pink plastic material to hide the metal of her frame.  If she smiled too large, you would see that the pink was fake.


Patient 2 - This is the patient's new smile.  Notice that no pink is used in this restoration.  Also, her original tooth length has been restored.


Patient 2 - Here is a close up of her final restoration.  Notice how real each tooth looks.  They appear to be coming out of the gums.  No other full arch implant restoration can match the esthetics, longevity, and lower repair costs of this solution.