Attribute 2 Implant Overdenture Hybrid denture on 4 implants Individual Implants LeClerq-Martinez Bridge
Eating Average Excellent Excellent Excellent
Esthetics Average Average Excellent Excellent


Average Above Average Excellent Excellent
Durability Average Average Above Average Excellent
Removable? Yes No No No
Repair Costs Low to medium Medium to high Limited to broken tooth Limited to broken tooth
Temporization None None, or use old dentures Simple Simple
Normal Fee $4000 - $7000 per arch Up to $35,000 per arch >$40,000 per arch >$50,000 per arch
Do we provide this service? Yes Yes Not anymore Yes
What is our Fee? $2970-$6500 depending on ease of upgrade $18,700 per arch, minor grafting included n/a $28,700 per arch, minor grafting included
Upgradable? Yes, but may be difficult Yes No No
Our estimated fee for upgrade per arch $12,000 for hybrid denture on 4 implants; $22,000 for LM Bridge $14,700 for LM Bridge n/a n/a

The above table summarizes the basic differences in various attributes amongst the full arch options that are currently available.  Keep in mind, that individual circumstances may not allow for certain options, most notably the individual implant option.  Also, major grafting may be necessary to allow for any of the fixed, or non-removable options.  The 2 implant overdenture is possible without bone grafting in approximately 95% of cases.  The LM Bridge will require grafting when insufficient bone is present to properly support the implants.  Even with this additional cost, the benefits are still tremendous.

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