Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How long does it take to use my implants?

Implants take approximately 4 months to heal in most areas of the jaw.  When an implant is placed into a recently extracted tooth socket, it usually takes 6 months to heal.  After the bone heals around the implant, it can have a permanent tooth or denture attached to it.  Depending on the complexity of the restoration, it can take anywhere from 3 weeks to 3 months to deliver the final restorations after healing.  Temporary restorations are often used at various stages of the healing process.  The LM bridge and 4-implant hybrid prosthesis usually have a temporary restoration placed within a week of implant surgery, unless the bone is too soft.  Sometimes, it is necessary to delay placement in order to prevent risking failure of the implants.


Do I have to be awake for the surgery?

We are licensed to offer intravenous and oral conscious sedation options for your comfort.  Sedation allows invasive procedures to be accomplished with little to no memory of the appointment.  Another benefit of sedation is that more can be accomplished in fewer appointments.  While there are special instructions that must be followed, sedation can be safely administered to most patients.


Will I leave my appointment with teeth?

Most full arch implants will leave with a temporary restoration.  Patients who have implants placed for a LM bridge or 4-implant hybrid prosthesis will usually receive a temporary removable denture on the day of surgery, and a screw retained temporary restoration that is not removable.  Temporary restorations are used until healing is completed and the final restoration is delivered.


Why do implants cost so much?

Implants cost more than other dental procedures due to a number of factors: additional expertise needed in implant dentistry, cost of implant parts, and the number of teeth that are being restored.  We provide implant solutions for less cost than most other dentists.  We can do this by providing and streamlining both the surgical and restorative procedures, receiving the best pricing from our implant laboratory, and using high quality implant components at lower prices.  In our office, it is less expensive to place and restore a single implant that it is to make a traditional 3-unit bridge.  This is not normal, but represents the effort we make to provide implant solutions for the lowest prices to our patients.  Finally, imagine having root canals, build ups, and crowns on all of your teeth.  How much would this cost?  You'd be suprised to know that our most expensive implant options are about the same cost as traditional dental solutions.  However, the prices will be higher due to the number of teeth being restored at one time.



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