Do you dread the thought of dentures?

Whether you are one of the millions of Americans who wears dentures, or one of the tens of thousands who needs to have your teeth extracted, you should know that there are options to traditional dentures.

Today is an exciting time in dentistry for people who are missing all of their teeth in one or both of their jaws.  Dentists refer to each jaw as an arch.  So, the upper jaw is called the upper or maxillary arch.  The lower is called the lower or mandibular arch.  Until recently, patients had limited options to replace their missing teeth.  With recent advances in dental implant technology, you have the ability to choose a solution that will meet your needs the best.

Before we review the available options, it would be wise to list the benefits and limitations of traditional removable dentures.

- Lower cost
- Shorter dental appointments
- Good lip support in patients with advanced bone loss

- Can be very loose, even moving or falling down or out when speaking or coughing
- May require denture creams or pastes to stabilize
- Frequent relines may be necessary to minimize damage to bone and gums
- Increase in oral fungal infections underneath dentures
- Clicking noises when chewing and speaking
- Continued bone loss and collapse of lip and facial support
- Frequent breakage of teeth and base
- Poor esthetics for patients with large ridges of bone
- Poor function on fresh fruits and vegetables
- Painful sore spots due to denture rubbing on gums
- Gum pain when eating foods with seeds
- Severe gagging response
- Changes in speech

Additionally, people who use complete dentures have been reported to experience four times the rate of colon cancer than people who do not have complete dentures.  The theory behind this dramatic difference is that people who use complete dentures often avoid foods that are high in fiber, particularly, fresh fruit and vegetables.

Before you think that everyone hates their dentures, we have to make it clear that there are people who are satisfied with complete dentures, so long as they look good.  Making a beautiful denture is an art form, and requires a strong working relationship between an experienced dentist and a world class denture technician.  The patient below began with a regular denture, and we created a high end denture with the help of Matrix Dental Laboratory, one of the best removable dental lab in the world.

                              Before                                                              After

Now that we've discussed traditional dentures, please click on one of the sections to the left for modern alternatives to traditional dentures.

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